30 min Full Body Warmup

30 min Full Body Warmup


30 min full body warmup to prepare you for all types of training  or use as a stand alone workout.

This warmup makes my body feel prepared and ready for whatever activities I continue to do throughout the day. 

I begin by introducing my cat Lithium who is the real star of this video. Then we start with the feet and work our way up the body with joint mobility that continues onto wrists, forearms and shoulders.  This leads us into legs, working into the hamstring and mobility.  I sneak in a few pushups and continue into preparing the body for splits or pigeon.  We finish off with a bit of abs.

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Modifications for Mom - 30 min full body warmup/ workout

My mom asked me to make a workout program for her based on things she had seen in my flex class and my 30 min full body warmup. This is the program I made for her. This program is also good for beginners and anyone who wants more cueing and go at a slightly slower pace. For some, this will be a workout and for others, it will be a warmup. Now keep in mind my mom is a very fit and active 66 year old that lives in Utah, is an avid hiker, and still teaches skiing a few days a week. In this video: We start with joint warming from the feet up and then back to the feet and wrists. From there we take it to tabletop spinal waves, hip bridge, figure 4 stretch, and abs. Hips, planks, pushups down dog are next and we end in child pose. Do what you can, modify what you need or skip what doesn't work for you.

Samantha Star