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Standing Split

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30 min Full Body Warmup

30 min full body warmup to prepare you for all types of training or use as a stand alone workout. This warmup makes my body feel prepared and ready for whatever activities I continue to do throughout the day. I begin by introducing my cat Lithium who is the real star of this video. Then we start with the feet and work our way up the body with joint mobility that continues onto wrists, forearms and shoulders. This leads us into legs, working into the hamstring and mobility. I sneak in a few pushups and continue into preparing the body for splits or pigeon. We finish off with a bit of abs.

Samantha Star

Level 2 Splits Sequence

0:00 Intro 2:44 Warm Up Standing Sequences 15:35 Variation 1: Triangle & Half Moon 20:30 Variation 2: Pyramid and Standing Split 32:50 Lunge to Floor Splits 53:43 Centre Split A: Variation 1 55:13 Centre Split A: Variation 2 Centre Split B: Straddle Sequences 56:45 Variation 1: Reclined Straddle 58:59 Variation 2: Seated Straddle 1:01:59 Variation 3: Straddle Leg Lifts 1:04:00 Variation 4: Compass Pose 1:09:00 Arabesque & Attitude: Pigeon & Kneeling 1:11:36 Tilt Kick Prep: Kneeling Kicks & Balances 1:14:38 Variation 1 Parallel 1:16:48 Variation 2 Turnout 1:19:09 Variation 3 A la Seconde (Second Position)/To the Side 1:20:47 Variation 4 Dancer's Pose 1:22:35 Variation 5 Penche 1:24:38 Cool Down

Bronwen Kettleson