Handstand Kickups

Handstand Kickups


Build a strong handstand with these simple easy progressive drills for mastering a kick up entrance to handstand. Great for beginning and intermediate students to practice alignment, and improve balance during transitions. These foundational movements are the building blocks of more advanced tumbling.

Exercise Breakdown
See Saw 0:57
Back Leg Kicks 1:23
Hops 1:48
Toe Touches 2:10
Arm Position  2:43

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Handstand Essentials

I designed this course to be thorough and well rounded approach for anyone wanting to learn or improve their handstands. I asked my self what are the most essential skills for a beginner or intermediate student to practice if they are learning a handstand without the help of a coach or a spotter. What drills and techniques will give them the fastest results for their investment of time and energy so they will see results quickly. We start out general with big movements learning how to enter and exit the position with kick ups and cartwheels. And then build all the way up to the gritty specific details of alignment for hands, shoulders, ribs, back, hips and legs. The whole time developing handstand specific strength, and improving balance. These techniques are approachable for all levels and challenging to master.

Tara Quinn

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Perfecting Your Line

Are you stuck in a Banana Back Handstand? Do you wish you could stay balanced in a straight line? Achieving better alignment in a handstand is not a quick fix but a continual process. This video establishes the correct direction to begin or accelerate this process. We breakdown the role of each individual body part while in the handstand position. We then add the weight of gravity and the control of balance to challenge the whole body's coordination while maintaining its position. Exercise Breakdown 0:09 Belly/Prone Elongation 1:29 Back/Supine Elongation 2:11 Transferring Balance Upright 3:40 Transferring Balance Upside Down

Tara Quinn

Hands for Handstands

When in a handstand don't overlook your hands. Your hands are the first point of connection, the first point responsible to help you balance. If your foundation is off, even the slightest bit, maintaining balance gets infinitely harder. Use this video to create good habits if you're new to handstands or to fine tune your line, if you have been practicing for a while. Balancing a handstand is a fluid process of making continual subtle adjustments with your open, active, intelligent, alighned hands. Exercise Breakdown 0:20 Wide Base of Support 0:48 Open the Palm 1:34 Weight in the Fingers 2:11 Wrist and Elbow Alignment 2:19 Hyperextension 3:14 Bent Arms 3:58 Downward Dog Walks 4:41 Arch of the Hand

Tara Quinn

Shoulders For Handstands

Handstands uniquely require shoulder strength as well as core integration with the arms in an overhead position. In this video we use elbow stand exercises to isolate the actions at the shoulder joint, break bad habits of compensating in the lower arm for shoulder weakness, and build handstand specific strength and stability in the whole chain. These techniques are great for beginners gaining confidence being upside-down or experienced hand balancers looking for new a challenge. Exercise Breakdown 0:09 Should Blade Slides 0:53 Dolphin 1:28 Single Leg Lifts 2:21 Walk Up the Wall 3:25 Single Leg Tuck Press 4:53 Elbow Stand Balancing

Tara Quinn

Videos covering post-requisites to skills in this video:
Scissor Kickup


How to Straddle, Tuck and Pike to Handstand

This video focuses on techniques and progressions for 3 foundational entries or kickups to handstand; straddle, tuck and pike. It can be very helpful for people just starting to learn these handstand entries as well as people trying to clean up their technique. Here is a guide to the key parts of the video: 0:00 demonstration of the 3 handstand entries 0:53 basic handstand warmup notes 1:27 3 key positions shared by straddle, tuck and pike 2:58 speed and continuity of the 3 positions 3:24 proprioceptive drill to get the folding see-saw mechanics 4:24 reviewing general jumping mechanics 4:50 applying jump mechanics to the handstand entry 5:10 leg path for the straddle jump 6:30 a couple of straddle flexibility drills 6:58 finishing the kickup by bringing legs together and using fingers 7:42 tuck handstand entry 8:58 pike handstand entry 10:05 common mistakes in jumping to handstand

Ian Borukhovich
Scissor Kickup → Pike Kickup