Level One Splits Sequence

Level One Splits Sequence


Splits Sequence is an introductory video that provides a flow of stretches, alignment cues and technical information for front and centre splits. Transitions are made with resistance and control, varying the load through contraction and release, in order to develop more active ability in what are commonly passively held positions. While props are encouraged to ease accessibility and maintain stability, no other equipment is needed. The range of motion and hold time is managed by participant. A mind-body connection is encouraged throughout to aware oneself of the adaptive changes and signals given for both protection and progression. 

Prerequisites: The flow sequence may be modified to match range of motion, although it is advisable that participants be able to hold a plank position and kneel on the ground. The positions used to work in and out of our splits largely make use of either hands and or knees on floor. 

Props: Yoga blocks, chairs and padding underneath the knee may all be required for safety and progression.

Intro: 0:05 
Warm Up: 4:35
Front Split Sequence: 7:43
Middle Split Sequence A: 44:26
Middle Split Sequence B: 48:20

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Level 2 Splits Sequence

0:00 Intro 2:44 Warm Up Standing Sequences 15:35 Variation 1: Triangle & Half Moon 20:30 Variation 2: Pyramid and Standing Split 32:50 Lunge to Floor Splits 53:43 Centre Split A: Variation 1 55:13 Centre Split A: Variation 2 Centre Split B: Straddle Sequences 56:45 Variation 1: Reclined Straddle 58:59 Variation 2: Seated Straddle 1:01:59 Variation 3: Straddle Leg Lifts 1:04:00 Variation 4: Compass Pose 1:09:00 Arabesque & Attitude: Pigeon & Kneeling 1:11:36 Tilt Kick Prep: Kneeling Kicks & Balances 1:14:38 Variation 1 Parallel 1:16:48 Variation 2 Turnout 1:19:09 Variation 3 A la Seconde (Second Position)/To the Side 1:20:47 Variation 4 Dancer's Pose 1:22:35 Variation 5 Penche 1:24:38 Cool Down

Bronwen Kettleson