Star to Straddle Bat Connected Pop

Star to Straddle Bat Connected Pop


This pop is really exciting when we begin working it as it is one of the first  inverted pops we can attempt and asks for a good deal of trust in our partnership. In this video we go over the nuances of how to generate power and transfer force as well as the concept of "positive pressure". and how we can utilize the idea to help maintain connectedness as we transition from shape to shape.

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Connected Pops

In this video series, Sean and Emily go over 10 connected pops, flyer and base roles, as well as spotting.

Sean Langhaus

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Acro Washing Machines Series

A washing machine is series of acro poses strung together that start and end in the same place. In this series Sean and Emily teach 6 foundational washing machines that are common in many acro communities. There are an endless number of washing out there. These are a great place to start to fine tune your acro partnerships and have some fun expanding your acro practice.

Sean Langhaus
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Tricky Acro Balances and Inversions

This series contains some fun and challenging balances for both base and flyer. These shapes can be made possible with patience and persistence. Of course, it does help for many of these poses if the flyer has some experience in how to invert themself, and the base can hold the flyer on one leg.

Sean Langhaus
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All things handstands.

Sean Langhaus

Videos covering pre-requisites to skills in this video:
Straddle Bat, Star


Folded Leaf

This is a fundamental posture of therapeutic flying. We can do a lot of body work from this position and a lot of a=our therapeutic flyer can start from this position.

Sean Langhaus
Folded Leaf → Star