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8 videos

All About Whips

In this series, Sean & Emily teach everything you need to get started in your whips practice. A whip is a dynamic L-basing skill where a flyer swings with momentum through positions. This series is designed for acro practitioners who feel very comfortable with static L-basing poses and transitions. In these lessons we explain terminology of whips, body positioning, progressions and self spotting to lead to safe, predictable and stunning whipping skills.

Sean Langhaus
9 videos

Acro Stepping Transitions

This series covers moving from one static pose to another via stepping transitions where base a flyer work together to change shapes. Sean and Emily explain some of the most common transitions between static acro poses to help take your budding acro practice to the next level.

Sean Langhaus
12 videos

Connected Pops

In this video series, Sean and Emily go over 10 connected pops, flyer and base roles, as well as spotting.

Sean Langhaus



Crochet Hook

In the last video of our starter whips series, we're going over crochet hook, a tricky way of linking sidestar to a whip.

Sean Langhaus

Side Star to Whale

This transition connects two of our foundational poses but can offer quite a challenge if you haven't taken the time to understand the variables at play. In this video we discuss the calibrations to help prepare for the transition, different ways the base can help slow the flyers movement as well as tips for how the flyer can control their transition into whale as the base finds their new foot placement.

Sean Langhaus

Side Star to Straddle Bat

Sidestar to Straddle Bat to Sidestar is one of the most common transitions in L-basing acro commonly known as carthweels or tick tocks. This transition shows up in many washing machines and has lots variations progressions you can build off of it. In this video we review key points on how to control the level changes and speed as you learn the movement as well as spotting for common pitfalls.

Sean Langhaus

Side Star Cartwheel Pops

Cartwheel pops are easy to appreciate for anyone who sees them as the flyer does half of a flip through a handstand from one of the bases feet to the other. Once you are feeling comfortable with sidestar tick tocks you may choose to take to new height with this pop! This video reviews the pop timing, engagement and shape changes for flyers and of course how to spot this dynamic movement.

Sean Langhaus