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Hand to Hand Essentials Course

This 4 video series is a walk through of the 26 most important skills and drills to develop a comfortable and consistent hand to hand. Whether you’re interested in training towards L-Base acro or working towards standing hand to hand skills, this video series contains the elements that will increase your knowledge and execution through detailed instruction and practice. Prereqs: foot to hand (any entry), star, reverse throne, 1 minute spotted Handstand for flyers, min. 10 push ups for bases.

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Intro to Hand to Hand

Hand to hand can refer to the skill of a flyer holding a handstand while the base balances them on their hands, it can also refer to an entire discipline of circus acrobatics that people spend years studying and training. Hand to hand is often one of the most admired skills when people begin practicing acro as it can seem like a posed on for the the most advanced practitioners, quite to the contrary the basics of hand to hand can be explore by many levels of practitioners and it all starts with the desire and the right road map. In this series we explore the drills, progressions and techniques to begin your hand to hand practice safely, efficiently and with a clear idea of how to progress based off of where you are in your acro practice.

Sean Langhaus



Pre Hand to Hand Inversion Training

This video contains pre-hand to hand inversion skills that prepare the base and flyer to practice balance elements and acrobatic handstands without the hand to hand grip. Hand to Hand Essentials Course Video 2


Star Entries to Hand to Hand

Entering from Star is a useful skill for those wanting to train washing machines, pops, and Icarian Games. This video contains information for the base, flyer, and spotter that will enhance your knowledge and skill set. Hand to Hand Essentials Course Video 3


Jumping Entries to Hand to Hand

This video contains cues and skill development for jumping entries to L-Base Hand to Hand. These skills are essential for developing a strong hand to hand practice and progressing to standing work. Hand to Hand Essentials Course Video 4


Hand to Hand Essentials Trailer

Hand to hand is a journey that takes most people a significant amount of time to develop comfort and facility. Whether you are an enthusiast of L-Base acrobatics or you plan to train standing acrobatics, the work in L-Base hand to hand accounts for a massive part of the journey to building strength, balance, and accuracy in execution. My hope in sharing this course is to provide an efficient and effective path to building this essential skill. I’ve taught this set in my live events for many years with great success and I’m excited to share this progression to hand to hand with the Skillwell community online as well. Good luck and happy training!


Front Plank to Reverse Hand to Hand

Transitioning from Front Plank to Reverse Hand to Hand is a great entrance for those comfortable with L Basing transitions to start entering into the RH2H position.The flyer is able to fix their shape in handstand shape while the base can use arms and legs to transfer the the flyer into a handstand in way that can be very controlled.

Sean Langhaus

Jump to low H2H

The jump to low hand to hand is the most direct entrance to the skill and prepares the partnership for higher level hand to hand skills in both L-basing and standing acrobatics. In this video we review our thoughts on consistency of the grip, directionality of the jump and mindset/responsibilities for each roll.

Sean Langhaus

Star to Hand to Hand

Entering in from star is one of the most common entrances to L-basing hand to hand. This entrance has the advantage of the flyer getting to start in a nearly finished handstand shape while the base can lower them down into the hand to hand. It asks for a strong understanding of the flyers handstand shape and a steadiness of the hand connection as the base lowers the flyer into position. In this video we give our breakdown of the key points and micro progressions to make this skill smooth and predictable.

Sean Langhaus

Base Forearm Position for Hand to Hand

While it may seem like a minor detail the positioning and movement of the bases forearms has everything to do with the bases potential to create stability for the flyer and consistent feeling for both partners.

Sean Langhaus

Back Bird to Hand to Hand

Loading in from a back bird is often one of the first load-ins to hand to hand to become accessible. It offers an ability for the flyer to move linearly into their handstand with a clear dismount in case it doesn't wind up perfectly stacked.

Sean Langhaus