Hand to Hand (low, extended)

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Star to Extended H2H Variation 2

In this variation we start in a modified star/biceps stand position that allows the base to more easily get their arms to a straight stacked position. Flyers often enjoy this entrance as it gives them a different levels of control by allowing them to push themselves up into their handstand.

Sean Langhaus

Star to Extended Hand to Hand V1

In this video explore the movement of base pressing flyer from star directly to extended hand to hand. This variation asks our partnership to find a strong hand to hand shape while still connected via star and understanding the pathway the flyer must travel to reach our finished H2H position. We share our thoughts and tricks on maintaining a strong connection and timing of transferring the weight.

Sean Langhaus

Jumping Entries to Hand to Hand

This video contains cues and skill development for jumping entries to L-Base Hand to Hand. These skills are essential for developing a strong hand to hand practice and progressing to standing work. Hand to Hand Essentials Course Video 4