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Hand to Hand Essentials Course

This 4 video series is a walk through of the 26 most important skills and drills to develop a comfortable and consistent hand to hand. Whether you’re interested in training towards L-Base acro or working towards standing hand to hand skills, this video series contains the elements that will increase your knowledge and execution through detailed instruction and practice. Prereqs: foot to hand (any entry), star, reverse throne, 1 minute spotted Handstand for flyers, min. 10 push ups for bases.

17 videos

The Acro Starter Pack

This series introduces 16 fundamental acro poses for you to start your L-basing acro practice with! We move progressively through what we consider some of the easiest poses to start with into more challenging skills that involve adding height, dynamic entries, removing points of contact and other challenges.

Sean Langhaus
16 videos

Intro to Hand to Hand

Hand to hand can refer to the skill of a flyer holding a handstand while the base balances them on their hands, it can also refer to an entire discipline of circus acrobatics that people spend years studying and training. Hand to hand is often one of the most admired skills when people begin practicing acro as it can seem like a posed on for the the most advanced practitioners, quite to the contrary the basics of hand to hand can be explore by many levels of practitioners and it all starts with the desire and the right road map. In this series we explore the drills, progressions and techniques to begin your hand to hand practice safely, efficiently and with a clear idea of how to progress based off of where you are in your acro practice.

Sean Langhaus



Standing Flyer Balance Skills

This video contains a set of skills that is designed to increase the base’s ability to make the subtle adjustments needed for good feeling balance, and flyer’s ability to maintain body shape and tension in balance skills. Spotting demos come after base and flyer demos, so please watch through the video before attempting these skills. Mastery in these elements leads to comfort and ease in hand to hand later so take your time getting familiar with them! Hand to Hand Essentials Video 1


Foot to Hand

Foot to hand is a simple pose but can offer many challenges and possibilities. The flyer will be standing in the hands of the base, which asks for the base to create a stable platform and balance the flyer, while flyers are asked to execute precise alignment and mindful trust.

Sean Langhaus

Foot to Hand Pistons

Foot to Hand Pistons are a great exercise to develop coordination of base and flyer movement. In this skill flyers receive an opportunity develop smoothness of transferring their weight to allow the base to move, while bases develop unilateral strength in their arms from a wide range of motion.

Sean Langhaus

Foot to Hand Presses

In this video we breakdown the mechanics of pressing a bent arm foot to hand to straight arm foot to hand. This skill is brought together by coordinated timing of base and flyer and strong grsp and stability of the two component poses. In this video we discuss several smaller progressions and breakdown of base and flyer roles.

Sean Langhaus