Mono Reverse Star

Mono Reverse Star


In this video we explore transferring a reverse star over to one of the bases legs. We review the mechanics of the flyers weight shift and body position for the flyers new shape. For bases we discuss how to support the flyers movement and how stack their balancing leg efficiently. We also offer one of our favorite variations for a supported mono  shape which can open the door for some interesting variations.

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Tricky Acro Balances and Inversions

This series contains some fun and challenging balances for both base and flyer. These shapes can be made possible with patience and persistence. Of course, it does help for many of these poses if the flyer has some experience in how to invert themself, and the base can hold the flyer on one leg.

Sean Langhaus

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Acro Washing Machines Series

A washing machine is series of acro poses strung together that start and end in the same place. In this series Sean and Emily teach 6 foundational washing machines that are common in many acro communities. There are an endless number of washing out there. These are a great place to start to fine tune your acro partnerships and have some fun expanding your acro practice.

Sean Langhaus
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All things handstands.

Sean Langhaus
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Intro to Hand to Hand

Hand to hand can refer to the skill of a flyer holding a handstand while the base balances them on their hands, it can also refer to an entire discipline of circus acrobatics that people spend years studying and training. Hand to hand is often one of the most admired skills when people begin practicing acro as it can seem like a posed on for the the most advanced practitioners, quite to the contrary the basics of hand to hand can be explore by many levels of practitioners and it all starts with the desire and the right road map. In this series we explore the drills, progressions and techniques to begin your hand to hand practice safely, efficiently and with a clear idea of how to progress based off of where you are in your acro practice.

Sean Langhaus

Videos covering pre-requisites to skills in this video:
Mono Reverse Star


Reverse Star

Reverse star is a shoulderstand on the bases feet starting from the more challenging side. It asks flyers for a more precise and powerful jump and bases to be more helpful in helping flyers arrive in the position. Eventually reverse star has lots of fun ways to transition to and from other poses!

Sean Langhaus
Reverse Star → Mono Reverse Star