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Capoeira - Tutorial Macaquinho/Carneirinho ( ENGLISH SUBTITLES )

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Reversão Tutorial

The reversão is a trick that comes from capoeira; it's basically a mix of a meia lua de compasso/touchdown hook and a front walkover. 0:00 what's a reversão? 0:30 stretches/warmup 1:12 drills 2:27 putting it all together (raised surface) 3:11 lower surface 3:53 learning the landing (floor) 4:21 putting it all together (floor) 4:30 common mistakes/troubleshooting 7:47 variations 8:11 toodleooooo :)

Scott McDonald

Helicoptero Tutorial 2019

Hey everyone! Finally finished the helicoptero tutorial. It's quite long but I hope you find it thorough and helpful; please let me know in the comments! Whether you want to skip around or watch the whole thing, here are some quick timestamps. There's a cliffsnotes-style summary at the end :) Warm-Up 1:27 Step One: Cartwheel 2:03 Step Two: Sweep 3:23 Step Three: Landing 7:04 Troubleshooting 8:42 Variations 10:55 Cheat Sheet Do's and Don'ts 11:24

Scott McDonald