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How to - Macaco

How To Macaco. The Macaco also called "monkey flip" is a great and not very difficult move to learn. There are so many variations and combinations for the macaco. It's also a nice way to get in touch with movements like backhandsprings or backflips and to get rid of the fear of jumping back. You can choose which arm you prefer to have as your supporting arm on the floor. In this tutorial I use my right arm. When learning the macaco make sure to properly prepare your body, especially your wrists, shoulders and your back. It's important to create enough momentum by pushing of the ground with your feet, bringing up your hips and swinging your free arm back. If you get the timing right and you create enough momentum you will easily get the macaco (you also need enough strength to put your weight on the supporting arm of course). Let me know what you want to see next. If this was helpful for you and you'd like to support me, feel free to save this post and share it to other friends who could need some macaco exercises or put it in your story. 🧡 . . . . . #macaco #acrobatics #acrolove #acrobatic #acrobat #handstand #handstands #gymnastics #gymnasticbodies #howto #tutorial #yoga #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogapose #yogaposes #acroyoga #yogaposesforbeginners #yogaeverywhere #yogatutorial #yogaeveryday #strongandflexible #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #bodyweightfitness #fitnesstutorial #movement #movementculture #shoulderstrength


Capoeira - Tutorial Macaquinho/Carneirinho ( ENGLISH SUBTITLES )

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Reversão Tutorial

The reversão is a trick that comes from capoeira; it's basically a mix of a meia lua de compasso/touchdown hook and a front walkover. 0:00 what's a reversão? 0:30 stretches/warmup 1:12 drills 2:27 putting it all together (raised surface) 3:11 lower surface 3:53 learning the landing (floor) 4:21 putting it all together (floor) 4:30 common mistakes/troubleshooting 7:47 variations 8:11 toodleooooo :)

Scott McDonald

Helicoptero Tutorial 2019

Hey everyone! Finally finished the helicoptero tutorial. It's quite long but I hope you find it thorough and helpful; please let me know in the comments! Whether you want to skip around or watch the whole thing, here are some quick timestamps. There's a cliffsnotes-style summary at the end :) Warm-Up 1:27 Step One: Cartwheel 2:03 Step Two: Sweep 3:23 Step Three: Landing 7:04 Troubleshooting 8:42 Variations 10:55 Cheat Sheet Do's and Don'ts 11:24

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