Reversão Tutorial

Reversão Tutorial


The reversão is a trick that comes from capoeira; it's basically a mix of a meia lua de compasso/touchdown hook and a front walkover. 

0:00 what's a reversão?
0:30 stretches/warmup
1:12 drills
2:27 putting it all together (raised surface)
3:11 lower surface
3:53 learning the landing (floor)
4:21 putting it all together (floor)
4:30 common mistakes/troubleshooting
7:47 variations
8:11 toodleooooo :)

Videos covering pre-requisites to skills in this video:



Detailed progressions for learning or perfecting your cartwheel. A cartwheel is a foundational skill in more advanced tumbling and also a useful tool for falling safely from any handstand. This video is appropriate for absolute beginners and also useful for intermediate acrobats refining skills. Exercise Breakdown Jump Side to Side 0:27 Add a Lunge 0:46 Lunge to Lunge 1:10 Same Side Hand to Same Side Foot 1:33 Where to Look 2:18 Hand Position 2:47 Knee Cartwheels 3:08

Tara Quinn
Cartwheel → Reversão