How to get the most out of crawl position

How to get the most out of crawl position


The crawl position is an excellent movement that trains your body to work synergistically. It involves the entire body: developing scapular stability along with core and leg strength.

Training Program

Crawl holds beginners - 3 sets of 20 -30 second holds

Crawl holds advanced - 3 sets of 1 min holds

Scapula push ups beginner - 3 sets of 10

Scapula push ups advanced - 3 sets of 20

Videos covering post-requisites to skills in this video:


Flying Lizard

Day 8 of #ALOveforgratitude ❊ ✿ Gratitude ✿ Flying lizard🌟 Flying lizard is one of my favorite arm balances, here is a little flow that will warm you up & build your flying lizard Option to use 2 blocks: 1️⃣ Start in low lunge, reach back with same hand as leg for quad stretch 2️⃣ Tuck back toes, bend & straighten leg x3 3️⃣ Tuck shoulder behind knee, wrap elbow tips back 4️⃣ Shift weight forward & back, press thigh down into tricep 5️⃣ Pull front heel in, shift forward, & engage back quad to lift it up to bend & extend ☽ HOSTS @marine_chpn @drishdia @dianavassyoga @yarayogart @juliaizyoga @namastarryn ☽ SPONSORS @aloyoga @alomoves #flyinglizard #flyinglizardpose #armbalances #armbalanceaddict #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #yogatips #practiceyoga #yogahowto #howtoyoga #learnyoga #armbalancing #yogadrills #yogaforbeginners #yogavideo #newtoyoga #yogabeginner #yogaaembalance #yoganewbie #armbalancepractice #howtopracticeyoga #flexibilitytraining #hipopeners #yogareels #yogavideos #lizardpose #yogastretch #yogainspo #lizardposevariation

Crow → Flying Lizard

Headstand transitions

This video talks about some basic (and not so basic) headstand freeze transitions! Video Includes headstand to: handstand, crow, air baby and elbow freezes! Here is a guide to the key parts of the video: 00:00 Introduction, training techniques and tools. 00:39 Head to handstand transition - progressions and tools 03:38 Head to Crow transition 04:20 Head to Airbaby transition 05:25 Challenge round:head to Crow to Airbaby 05:49 Head to elbow transition

Crow → Airbaby