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Increase Handstand Strength FOR BEGINNERS

If you want to learn to handstand but you can’t get up against a wall yet where do you begin? The goal of this video is to help us develop transferable handstand strength for beginners so that we have the confidence to start working on the chest to wall handstands and back to wall handstands that you see in typical gymnastics and calisthenics handstand drills. __ Recovery is King! Grab some Whey Protein: Calisthenics or Callus-thenics? Manage your calluses with this hand cream: Need help with skills? Try using Resistance Bands: Take your calisthenics game to the next level with: - Gymnastics rings: - Weighted Vest: - Dip Belt: __ Featured in this video: How To Bail Out of a Chest To Wall Handstand Increase Overhead Mobility Full Frog Stand Tutorial --- Join the Facebook Group: Get the camouflage gear out and stalk me on Instagram: @andrewalinda #calitothecrowd #handstand -- cali to the crowd™ is a vlog to help inspire action and to democratise calisthenics and fitness for people at all fitness levels

Andrew Alinda

How to get the most out of crawl position

The crawl position is an excellent movement that trains your body to work synergistically. It involves the entire body: developing scapular stability along with core and leg strength.

John Boyd

Headstand transitions

This video talks about some basic (and not so basic) headstand freeze transitions! Video Includes headstand to: handstand, crow, air baby and elbow freezes! Here is a guide to the key parts of the video: 00:00 Introduction, training techniques and tools. 00:39 Head to handstand transition - progressions and tools 03:38 Head to Crow transition 04:20 Head to Airbaby transition 05:25 Challenge round:head to Crow to Airbaby 05:49 Head to elbow transition