Croc (one arm)

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One Arm Croc Tutorial from Scratch

One arm croc is a great beginner handbalancing skill that can even be learned if you can't hold an upright two arm handstand. This video shows progressions and techniques for the one arm croc also known as one arm mayurasana and one arm elbow level. It includes body positioning, how to start using two arms, and basic conditioning ideas. Make sure the wrists are well warmed up for this and don't try to many repetitions in a row at first because your wrists can take a lot of pressure. Body positioning - 0:34 two handed croc - 2:00 Lifting the legs - 3:55 The problem with not side bending - 5:00 Advancing to the one arm croc - 5:30 Croc with pretty form - 7:15 Notes about progression from two arms to one arm - 8:15 Tilting into the balancing arm - 9:10 Balancing on raised surfaces - 9:50

Ian Borukhovich