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How to - Straddle Sit

How To Straddle Sit. The Straddle Sit is one of the key elements when working towards the stalder press. In this short tutorial I show some exercises you can do to work on your straddle sit. Flexibility is an important part of it but one thing that's often overlooked is shoulder strength. By strongly depressing and protracting your shoulders you will be able to bring your hips/legs up above your elbows which makes it easier to continue the press into a handstand. Let me know what you want to see next. If this was helpful for you and you'd like to support me, feel free to save this post and share it to other friends who could need some straddle sit exercises or put it in your story. ๐Ÿงก Thank you and have fun! Music: Mortal - Alt Rock/Trap Beat / Prod. Riddiman x Joe Leytrick . . . . #handstand #handstands #handstandpractice #handstand365 #howto #straddlesit #lsit #strength #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #acrobatics #acro #yoga #yogagram #yogapractice #yogahandstand #yogatutorial #yogainspiration #Fitspiration #fitnesstutorial #gymnastics #gymnasticstraining #bodyweighttraining #movementculture #fitnessmotivation #gymnasticbodies #mobility #mobilitywod #flexibility


Straddle L-sit progressions ฮ™ Tutorial for the Straddle L

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One arm Handstand Tutorial part 1

In Part 1 we are working towards assisted one arm fingertip holds. I explain the basic fundamentals of my balance concept and walk you through several exercises to reach a comfortable and efficient technique, to be able to go to Fingertip assisted one arm handstand holds. You are going to get an understanding of alignment and bodyawarniss as well as several drills to work with. Musik Friedenstaube by Sascha Ende Link: License:

David Ebel