Air Step Arm Freeze

Pre-requisite Skills


Air Step Arm Freeze Tutorial

Ahoy! 0:00 Intro/Background Info 0:30 Skill Description/Before You Start Training 2:19 How to Enter the Air Step Arm Freeze 3:36 Drills/Exercises 4:47 Troubleshooting 5:12 Alignment Issues 7:24 Rotation + Engagement Issues 8:03 Mindset 8:45 Outro One last thing I didn't mention in this tutorial but would like to emphasize: the potential for pain or injury from crashing this trick is pretty high, especially if you have a history of joint pain. If you can train yourself to tip into a headstand or back to your feet (always staying in line with the angle of the freeze) rather than allowing yourself to twist and fall sideways, you greatly diminish those risks. Check out Dyzee on YouTube over at and online at Thank you very much to Alckemy/ZNSEI for the music! Check out his soundcloud at and YouTube at Happy training, as always let me know if you found this helpful and you can always message me for tips or feedback on instagram at

Scott Mcdonald