4 Smear Transitions

4 Smear Transitions



Last video from this day PROMISE 😂🖤 

Happy #flowartsfriday #flowfamily today I'm showing you my 4 favorite ways to exit and transition out of Smears 💫 As always I tried to have options for newer hoopers and more advanced hoopers so everyone can grow their flow 🥰🥰 

The 3rd move I have already made a tutorial (follow my tutorial hashtagg) on and broken down step by step if you want to try it out, feel free to tagg me if you do! 👉👈 and the 4th is also a combo icame up with and enjoy doing, would yall be interested in a breakdown of that combo as well? Lmk in the comments or my dms🖤💕 and of course if you still need help with any of these moves please dm me I'm more than happy to help out my #flowmies 😋 

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Tapestry: @kevinpsychedelik code chronic saves you 15% on everything on the site🥀

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Hula Hoop

Videos covering post-requisites to skills in this video:
Backpack, Smear, Downward Escalator, Hoop Directional Fold


Intro to Folds

This is video 1 in my Fold series! In this video I will teach you the basics of folds! This class will make you feel more comfortable doing folds and help you integrate them into your flow easier. In this video I cover Isolation folds, Directional folds, and 360 or Turning Folds.

Hoop Directional Fold → Hoop 360 fold

How to get into and get out of Folds

This is video 2 in my Folds series! In this class I will cover 2 ways to get into doing folds and 2 ways to get out of folds. This class will help you feel more comfortable adding folds into your flow! I start teaching ways to get into folds at 0:47 and the I start teaching ways to get out of folds at 5:21 . If you don’t have a good grasp on folds I would say go back to my “intro to folds” class and review the basics.

Hoop Directional Fold → Hoop 360 fold

Infinite escalators hoop tutorial

Infinite escalators hoop tutorial.

Comet Dancerr
Downward Escalator → Hoop Infinite Escalator