How to do an Inside Leg Hang - Pole Dancing by ElizabethBfit

How to do an Inside Leg Hang - Pole Dancing by ElizabethBfit


How to do the inside leg hang on the pole. The inside leg hang is a beautiful pole move in itself and also a crucial transition for many intermediate and advanced pole combos.  If you are not inverting yet you can work on finding the hold for this move from the floor.  If you are an inverter you can work on getting into this from your invert as well as from the floor.

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Videos covering pre-requisites to skills in this video:
Inside Leg Hang


Invert tutorial----basic invert to leg hang

This video shows how to do a basic invert first and then once upside down how to take that into a one leg hang. This video contains entry into an inside leg hang.

Aviva S
V Invert (Chopper) → Inside Leg Hang