3 ball Juggling for Absolute Beginners (3 ball cascade)

3 ball Juggling for Absolute Beginners (3 ball cascade)

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A following along tutorial for 3 ball cascade, the most basic pattern in 3 ball juggling. This tutorial is great for people who have never juggled before, and is great for people that can kind of juggle 3 balls but don't know the technique or how to move on to more tricks.

Juggling can be done with 
0:20 the shape of the cascade
0:58 kneeling to avoiding bending down to pick up
1:57 starting with 1 ball
3:45 the scoop motion
4:28 cradling like an egg
5:10 common problems with 1 ball throws
6:40 throwing at low, medium, high heights
8:00 keeping hands low when throwing high
9:25 hang time for low, medium and high throws
10:24 don't throw overhand 
10:52 2 ball throws
12:58 2 ball low, medium and high throws
13:30 When one hand doesn't cooperate 
14:35 Where you should look
16:15 starting 3 balls 
17:10 3 throws with no catches 
18:16 fixing bad throws 
18:54 catching all 3 balls
20:10 moving on to continuous 3 ball juggling
23:00 things at home that you can juggle!

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