Hip Strength and Flexibility

Hip Strength and Flexibility


For us at the WB studio, strength and flexibility go hand in hand. It's really challenging to access one without support from the other. In this 20 minute follow along video, Michal will guide your through some hip stabilizing drills, and stretches to support your personal movement practice. You don't need any equipment, but you may want a set of blocks. This is just a dip into the water of hips flexibility. Please feel free to see our live virtual schedule to join us for a more in depth flexibility practice - visit warriorbridge.com for more.

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Prehab is taking the reactive strategies used in physical therapy, as well as strength & conditioning, and implementing these in a proactive manner with the goal of reducing the risk for injury and improving overall physical capacity. Prehab is all about learning knowledge that applies to your body and your mind and using it to optimize your life and how you experience it by practicing exposure. Prehab can help you with your daily activities, your favorite hobbies, your beloved sport, how to deal with that annoying issue that has been persisting, or an old injury that was never resolved or handled appropriately in the first place.


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Shoulder Strength and Flexibility

In this 20 min video, Michal will discuss the different directions we can move our shoulders, the common issues we encounter when moving into shoulder flexibility, and ways we can strengthen our shoulder girdle so that we can move into end ranges of motion with more ease, stability, and confidence.

Michal Shapir