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Anatomy of the Hip

In this video Emily introduces the basic anatomy of the hip including joint movements, basic musculature and tissue structures.


Around the World Lunge

The around the world lunge is a great way to develop movement capacity in the hips. The technique works on connecting several different types of lunges into a fluid rotational movement.

Sean Langhaus

Hip Strength and Flexibility

For us at the WB studio, strength and flexibility go hand in hand. It's really challenging to access one without support from the other. In this 20 minute follow along video, Michal will guide your through some hip stabilizing drills, and stretches to support your personal movement practice. You don't need any equipment, but you may want a set of blocks. This is just a dip into the water of hips flexibility. Please feel free to see our live virtual schedule to join us for a more in depth flexibility practice - visit for more.

Michal Shapir

Hip Opening Sequence - 25 min

In this class Sean leads you through a hip opening practice that moves the hips in all directions. We start with a strong active warm up and work our way into longer deeper holds.

Sean Langhaus

Prehab for Hip Stabilization

In this video Emily shares a few targeted exercises for preparing your hips to be able to strong through their full range of motion. These include targeted strengthening for the rotator muscles that stabilize the ball and socket joint of the hip. These are great exercises to prepare you for a practice that involves deeper leg flexibility like splits, acrobatics or handstands.