Forearm Stand Hold



Shoulders For Handstands

Handstands uniquely require shoulder strength as well as core integration with the arms in an overhead position. In this video we use elbow stand exercises to isolate the actions at the shoulder joint, break bad habits of compensating in the lower arm for shoulder weakness, and build handstand specific strength and stability in the whole chain. These techniques are great for beginners gaining confidence being upside-down or experienced hand balancers looking for new a challenge. Exercise Breakdown 0:09 Should Blade Slides 0:53 Dolphin 1:28 Single Leg Lifts 2:21 Walk Up the Wall 3:25 Single Leg Tuck Press 4:53 Elbow Stand Balancing

Tara Quinn

Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana) Basics

This video covers a details description of how to position your arms and shoulders for this pose, including drills to learn how to safely kick up into forearm stand, and several ways to use the wall for safety and to train new skills. This video is perfect for anyone looking to improve consistency with this skill, or for someone learning it for the first time.

Juliana Burkhart