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Hoop Trick Tutorial: The Swoosh Back!

@missmojangles on IG ⭐️Tutorial alert! This one I’m calling the “swoosh back”! I ⭐️I’m using my right hand to start, holding the hoop with a thumb up grip and my arm is crossed over my body towards the left. ⭐️position your left hand behind your head, with your palm facing up. I find it best to keep your hand high, almost level with the top of your head rather than at your neck. ⭐️ start swooping the hoop to the right and up so it hinges around the back of your right arm. Release the hoop as it makes contact with the back of your right shoulder/ (or high on the arm depending on your hoop size!) It helps to lean your head to the left, so the hoop has more clearance. KEEP YOUR RIGHT ARM STRAIT! ⭐️ catch the hoop in your left hand palm up. Then, bring your left hand down to your right arm pit, your left hand should be in a thumb up position. Doing this motion brings/ folds the hoop around to the front and towards the right arm. ⭐️catch the hoop in your right hand, palm up! Release your left hand and re- start the fold! Hope you guys like this one!

Morgan Jenkins