Chest to Wall Handstand



How to Bail Out of a Chest To Wall Handstand | Handstand Progress Diary

The chest to wall handstand is a great way to progress in the handstand, encouraging the straight body line position. But once you're up there, how do you bail out of a chest to wall handstand? Learning how to fall from handstand is key to building confidence on our hands and is an often-overlooked handstand progression. Check out today's video to master the handstand bail. --- Handstand Progress Diary Series --- Recovery is King! Grab some Whey Protein: Calisthenics or Callus-thenics? Manage your calluses with this hand cream: Need help with skills? Try using Resistance Bands: Take your calisthenics game to the next level with: - Gymnastics rings: - Weighted Vest: - Dip Belt: __ For more Cali to the crowd content: Instagram: -- Featured in this video: Intro Meenz Outro Meenz -- cali to the crowd™ is a vlog to help inspire action and to democratise calisthenics and fitness for people at all fitness levels 02:09 - how to bail out of a chest to wall handstand #calitothecrowd #handstands

Andrew Alinda