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The Acro Starter Pack

This series introduces 16 fundamental acro poses for you to start your L-basing acro practice with! We move progressively through what we consider some of the easiest poses to start with into more challenging skills that involve adding height, dynamic entries, removing points of contact and other challenges.

Sean Langhaus
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AcroYoga- First Steps!

Welcome! I'm so happy you've chosen to learn Acro with me today- there are several instructors here to learn from and I'm honored to be chosen to learn from! Having said that, I strongly believe that learning from different voices is one of the absolute best ways to discover your practice. That is how I learned and how I continue to learn. In this series you will be armed with all of the tools you need to feel like you've got the basics covered. It's easily the most important part of Acroyoga. The things you learn from the beginning will stick with you for life- so it's best to learn the right way from the start! I'd start from the beginning every time. No matter how much you feel you've gotten the basics down, keep doing them. I'd love it if you said "I'm pretty sure I've done the first module 300 times". By then you will have established a movement pattern that feels natural. From that point on you will feel confident and even impress veteran bases and flyers with your consistency. This is not to say you should watch the first episode every time, but to keep those key points in your practice.

Joseph Gray
9 videos

Acro Stepping Transitions

This series covers moving from one static pose to another via stepping transitions where base a flyer work together to change shapes. Sean and Emily explain some of the most common transitions between static acro poses to help take your budding acro practice to the next level.

Sean Langhaus




In this video we explore throne or chair pose. This a great pose to find your stability and mobility as a base. In this video we explore entrances , exits, alignment, range of motion and spotting.

Sean Langhaus

Acroyoga- Chair

When I first started learning acro this was one of my favorites. It's fun, it's silly, and it's actually quite safe for beginners! As a base, you can really dial in the complexities of the feet, and my personal favorite benefit- it's basically giving you a sneaky flexibility boost. As the flyer, know that your feet are much much closer to the ground than your head (it can feel extra scary up there but in reality you're quite close to the floor!). Setting up for safety - :09 Placement - :44 Lifting into chair - 1:35 Flyer position - 2:05 Adjusting foot placement - 2:25 Points of contact - 3:00 Chair exit - 4:10 Base exercises - 4:55 Base safety queues - 5:18 Common mistakes - 5:53

Joseph Gray

Acroyoga Chair (Safe Exit Strategies)

Here we learn how to safely exit the chair pose in multiple directions. It's good to practice your "emergency" down ahead of the actual emergency. Please watch all the way through before attempting these exits.

Joseph Gray

Acroyoga- Chair With Transitions!

Welcome to your first lesson on transitions in poses! Here we will discover the complexities of listening to one another in order to facilitate movement. Key point - break things down to their simplest parts and practice in baby steps.

Joseph Gray

Whale to Throne

In this video we review how to transition from high flying whale to to throne . This is one of the first transitions we teach our acro students as it teaches lots of useful concepts such as how flyers transfer weight, bases learn how to use level changes to enable the flyer to move with ease and how to spot the skill when beginning to work with it.

Sean Langhaus