Candlestick Shoulderstand

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Get Upside Down with Candlestick

This video goes over everything you need to know to get started attempting the candlestick shoulderstand.

Sean Langhaus

Candlestick Pose (Beginner Inversion)

Candlestick is the most basic in a series of shoulderstand-type inversions in acro, so it's a great place to start if you're working on these progressions. It's also a great way to practice inversions, leg position, and handstand alignment for the flyer in a relatively controlled environment. It's a good way for the base to get used to feeling a flyer's weight entirely on their hands as well. Please use a spot if possible since we're going upside down! Skill demonstration 1:35

The AcroSmols

Candlestick Shoulderstand

Candlestick is one of our favorite ways to start inverting with a partner! Largely a flyer driven pose, bases learn to to be stable and solid as the start to bear the flyers weight on their arms. In this video we explore entrances , exits, alignment, range of motion and spotting.

Sean Langhaus