Beginner Pole dancing - Learn how to climb the pole

Beginner Pole dancing - Learn how to climb the pole


Learn the proper technique for climbing the pole without wasting energy or hurting yourself. 

Anyone can learn to pole dance and I'm ready to teach you💯😍‼️

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Videos covering post-requisites to skills in this video:
Pole Climb


Intro To Spin Pole

Ready to put your pole on spin mode? In this video, you'll learn a simple, yet beautiful beginner sequence that will help you explore spin pole with controlled, fluid movement. * Prerequisites: must understand basic climbing and pole sits on static pole. 1:00 - preparation for forearm climbing 2:43 - how to spin safely 3:34 - making your climbs pretty! 4:09 - pole sit / experimenting with lever length 5:24 - the “vomitron” spin 6:52 - controlling your speed 7:48 - “flying sit” progression

Marianne Dabir
Pole Climb → Forearm Climb