Outside Leg Hang

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Outside Leg Hang - Pole Dancing by ElizabethBfit

The outside leg hang is probably one of the first inverted moves polers learn after they start inverting. But many never embrace it to the point where they can relax and rest while in an outside leg hang. Do you struggle to maintain your outside leg hang or just avoid it at all costs? Here are a few tips and adjustments to help you find the proper positioning so as to master your outside leg hang. For more upcoming tutorials and training go to: Try this move out and please tag me in your endeavors with @elizabeth_bfit and #elizabethbfit.  If you are having trouble with the move please post your videos and ask your questions and I will give pointers and tips as needed.  If you have any questions about this tutorial please leave your comments below and I would love to answer them.  If you have any requests for future tutorials please leave them in the comments below!

Elizabeth Blanchard