Hula Hoop

Hoop Escalator

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beginner hula hoop tutorial: 4 basic escalators

In this video I will teach you 4 basic escalator variations. subscribe for more hoop tutorials! I will be posting them weekly. To see 31 variations of escalators, click below! instagram:

Comet Dancerr

How to get into and get out of Folds

This is video 2 in my Folds series! In this class I will cover 2 ways to get into doing folds and 2 ways to get out of folds. This class will help you feel more comfortable adding folds into your flow! I start teaching ways to get into folds at 0:47 and the I start teaching ways to get out of folds at 5:21 . If you don’t have a good grasp on folds I would say go back to my “intro to folds” class and review the basics.