Handstand Pushup

Pre-requisite Skills



Micro kips for easier handstand pushups wiithout sacrificing form

Handstand pushups (hspu) are a tough skill to learn because of the strength and balance requirements. To make learning the hspu easier, we review how to best leverage a kip without going full banana. Using this technique can let you get used to the mechanics and get dynamics reps into your workout while you develop the strength to go full range without a kip. Note, this kip is different than a crossfit kip and a breakdance kip which both aim upwards and tend to have a lot of momentum. This kip is more of a minimal way to gain upward momentum and send the balance over the hands while maintaining form. More tutorials on IG:

Ian Borukhovich

How to Pike Push Up | Pike Push Up Progressions

A favourite on this channel, the Pike Push up, and subsequently, the advanced pike push up is an amazing bodyweight exercise for building strong shoulders and developing strength that can be easily applied to skills such as the handstand push up, frog to handstand and even the planche How to improve your pike mobility: --- Recovery is King! Grab some Whey Protein: Calisthenics or Callus-thenics? Manage your calluses with this hand cream: Need help with skills? Try using Resistance Bands: Take your calisthenics game to the next level with: - Gymnastics rings: - Weighted Vest: - Dip Belt: __ Join the Facebook Group: Get the camouflage gear out and stalk me on Instagram: @andrewalinda #pikepushup -- cali to the crowd™ is a vlog to help inspire action and to democratise calisthenics and fitness for people at all fitness levels

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