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Increase Handstand Strength FOR BEGINNERS

If you want to learn to handstand but you can’t get up against a wall yet where do you begin? The goal of this video is to help us develop transferable handstand strength for beginners so that we have the confidence to start working on the chest to wall handstands and back to wall handstands that you see in typical gymnastics and calisthenics handstand drills. __ Recovery is King! Grab some Whey Protein: Calisthenics or Callus-thenics? Manage your calluses with this hand cream: Need help with skills? Try using Resistance Bands: Take your calisthenics game to the next level with: - Gymnastics rings: - Weighted Vest: - Dip Belt: __ Featured in this video: How To Bail Out of a Chest To Wall Handstand Increase Overhead Mobility Full Frog Stand Tutorial --- Join the Facebook Group: Get the camouflage gear out and stalk me on Instagram: @andrewalinda #calitothecrowd #handstand -- cali to the crowd™ is a vlog to help inspire action and to democratise calisthenics and fitness for people at all fitness levels

Andrew Alinda

The relationship of shoulder and spine positions in a handstand

Often people come to the conclusion that because their shoulders "aren't open" in handstand that the shoulders are not flexible enough and that they need to stretch more or use other means to increase range. This may not be necessary, as an open shoulder angle in handstand can easily have just as much to do with your shoulder engagement, balance strategy and spinal shape as it does with passive range. In this video Sean demos the consequences of these different variables and shows a wall drill useful in finding the action of shoulder flexion.

Sean Langhaus

How to Balance a Handstand

In this video, we discuss the mechanics of how you can use your shoulders and your hands to manage the balance of your handstand.

Sean Langhaus

Perfecting Your Line

Are you stuck in a Banana Back Handstand? Do you wish you could stay balanced in a straight line? Achieving better alignment in a handstand is not a quick fix but a continual process. This video establishes the correct direction to begin or accelerate this process. We breakdown the role of each individual body part while in the handstand position. We then add the weight of gravity and the control of balance to challenge the whole body's coordination while maintaining its position. Exercise Breakdown 0:09 Belly/Prone Elongation 1:29 Back/Supine Elongation 2:11 Transferring Balance Upright 3:40 Transferring Balance Upside Down

Tara Quinn