Tuck Kickup

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Full Body Handstand Warm Up - 30 minutes

In this video Sean Langhaus leads you through a warm up routine specifically designed to prepare you to practice handstand. The practice includes active shoulder and leg flexibility, spinal mobility and core work.

Sean Langhaus

How to Straddle, Tuck and Pike to Handstand

This video focuses on techniques and progressions for 3 foundational entries or kickups to handstand; straddle, tuck and pike. It can be very helpful for people just starting to learn these handstand entries as well as people trying to clean up their technique. Here is a guide to the key parts of the video: 0:00 demonstration of the 3 handstand entries 0:53 basic handstand warmup notes 1:27 3 key positions shared by straddle, tuck and pike 2:58 speed and continuity of the 3 positions 3:24 proprioceptive drill to get the folding see-saw mechanics 4:24 reviewing general jumping mechanics 4:50 applying jump mechanics to the handstand entry 5:10 leg path for the straddle jump 6:30 a couple of straddle flexibility drills 6:58 finishing the kickup by bringing legs together and using fingers 7:42 tuck handstand entry 8:58 pike handstand entry 10:05 common mistakes in jumping to handstand

Ian Borukhovich