Straddle Handstand

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One arm Handstand Tutorial part 2

In Part 2 we are working towards balancing the one arm handstand as well as strength and conditioning exercises to move on further. We are starting at fingertip assisted one arm holds and work our self through common mistakes towards the freestanding one arm handstand. With that in our arsenal we visit several drills to become stronger, more consistent and ready to move further to more complex one arm handstand exercises and shapes. The goal here is to acheave the one arm and get ready for more ! Musik Friedenstaube by Sascha Ende Link: License:

David Ebel

One arm Handstand Tutorial part 1

In Part 1 we are working towards assisted one arm fingertip holds. I explain the basic fundamentals of my balance concept and walk you through several exercises to reach a comfortable and efficient technique, to be able to go to Fingertip assisted one arm handstand holds. You are going to get an understanding of alignment and bodyawarniss as well as several drills to work with. Musik Friedenstaube by Sascha Ende Link: License:

David Ebel


Detailed progressions for learning or perfecting your cartwheel. A cartwheel is a foundational skill in more advanced tumbling and also a useful tool for falling safely from any handstand. This video is appropriate for absolute beginners and also useful for intermediate acrobats refining skills. Exercise Breakdown Jump Side to Side 0:27 Add a Lunge 0:46 Lunge to Lunge 1:10 Same Side Hand to Same Side Foot 1:33 Where to Look 2:18 Hand Position 2:47 Knee Cartwheels 3:08

Tara Quinn