Candlestick Pose (Beginner Inversion)

Series: Shoulderstand Progressions


Candlestick is the most basic in a series of shoulderstand-type inversions in acro, so it's a great place to start if you're working on these progressions. It's also a great way to practice inversions, leg position, and handstand alignment for the flyer in a relatively controlled environment. It's a good way for the base to get used to feeling a flyer's weight entirely on their hands as well.

Please use a spot if possible since we're going upside down!

Skill demonstration 1:35

Series Details

Shoulderstand Progressions

Shoulderstands are a type of inversion in acro where the flyer is balanced upsidedown on their shoulders on the base's hands. Here is a series of progressions that walk you through the related skills!