Partner Box Up Inversion Exercise

Series: Handstands on Body Parts


Partner box ups are a fun exercise to warm up your inversions! They're a great way to practice getting the feel for lifting or pressing into a handstand if you don't feel confident about doing this on your own, or are looking for ways to do it other than using the wall. The key flyer movement here (hinging at the waist, pressing through the arms) is essential to finding a good stack in just about any inversion! If you do go for the full handstand in the final pose, this is also a great way to work on your handstands, since balancing on ankles is harder than the floor or canes.

Please use a spot if possible, especially if you plan on letting go of flyer ankles in the final pose!

Skill demonstration 2:13

Series Details

Handstands on Body Parts

Handstands are challenging wherever you do them, but the most challenging kind of handstands arguably are the ones we do on other human beings because balancing on limbs is way more unstable than the floor, blocks or canes! Here we present a progressive series of handstands on various body parts, ranging from an easy assisted lift to more challenging variations. Don't be discouraged if you aren't nailing these because they definitely take some practice!