Acroyoga- First step!

Series: AcroYoga- First Steps!


Here it is- the very first step towards an incredible adventure in acrobatics!  

Learn what will be the ground level of thousands of skills.  It may seem overly complicated for such a basic thing, but trust me, it's worth getting detailed now to save yourself frustration later!

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AcroYoga- First Steps!

Welcome!  I'm so happy you've chosen to learn Acro with me today- there are several instructors here to learn from and I'm honored to be chosen to learn from!  Having said that, I strongly believe that learning from different voices is one of the absolute best ways to discover your practice.  That is how I learned and how I continue to learn. 

In this series you will be armed with all of the tools you need to feel like you've got the basics covered.  It's easily the most important part of Acroyoga.  The things you learn from the beginning will stick with you for life- so it's best to learn the right way from the start!

I'd start from the beginning every time.  No matter how much you feel you've gotten the basics down, keep doing them.  I'd love it if you said "I'm pretty sure I've done the first module 300 times".  By then you will have established a movement pattern that feels natural.  From that point on you will feel confident and even impress veteran bases and flyers with your consistency.  This is not to say you should watch the first episode every time, but to keep those key points in your practice.