Four Beginner Poi Drills to Get Your Poi Brain Working

Four Beginner Poi Drills to Get Your Poi Brain Working


Put this little jig together yesterday! Some inspiration for you to get moving in different ways 💖
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Videos covering pre-requisites to skills in this video:
3-beat weave, Center Stall, Up and Down Stalls, Horizontal Spiral Wraps, Windmill


Beginner Poi Dancing Lesson: Split-Time Butterfly

Beginner poi lesson: How to learn the split time butterfly ►Try my premium poi course! ►Upcoming poi events: ►Poi gear reviews:

Split Time Butterfly → Windmill

2-beats and Extensions for Poi (Basic Poi Spinning Tutorial)

2-beats for Poi Support these videos at: Learn the basics of poi spinning! Pretty much all poi tricks fall into one of two categories (and sometimes both!): flat plane moves and plane bending moves. Here, we begin to work with each one by learning static spins and extensions as well as tic-tacs, switching the poi from one side of the body to the other. This month’s supporters on Patreon: Nick Krohn EJ Frost Dominic Lamatrice Knut L Matt Schmidt Jonathan Maltz

DrexFactor Poi
2-beat → 3-beat weave