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Pole is a versatile discipline that involves dancing, and performing skills on or around a metal pole. Pole has roots in sensual dance and strip clubs, and has since evolved into more styles that included focuses of fitness, acrobatics, contortion and modern dance. Among these different styles there are a variety of fun and challenging skills to learn including climbs, spins, drops, mounts, hangs and even simply walks around the pole. It takes time to get use to some of the bruises and burns or "pole kisses" that come along with practicing pole, but eventually they can be worn as badges of honor or memorabilia of the epic things you did on the pole.

Pole Skills


2 videos

Intro To Pole Dancing

New to pole? Start here! These videos will show you the basics of moving around, up, and down this apparatus.

Marianne Dabir



Intro To Pole Dancing – Going Up!

Now that you're feeling comfy moving around the pole, let's get vertical! This sequence will introduce you moving up the pole with climbing drills and a basic seated pose, with a simple, controlled descent to finish. 0:44 - carousel kick 2:37 - passé stand 3:09 - pull up to sit 5:07 - “pinup girl” descent 5:27 - ouch, this hurts! 6:15 - carousel kick progressions 7:05 - pole stand / preparation for climbing

Marianne Dabir

Intro To Spin Pole

Ready to put your pole on spin mode? In this video, you'll learn a simple, yet beautiful beginner sequence that will help you explore spin pole with controlled, fluid movement. * Prerequisites: must understand basic climbing and pole sits on static pole. 1:00 - preparation for forearm climbing 2:43 - how to spin safely 3:34 - making your climbs pretty! 4:09 - pole sit / experimenting with lever length 5:24 - the “vomitron” spin 6:52 - controlling your speed 7:48 - “flying sit” progression

Marianne Dabir

Intro To Pole Dancing – Beginner Flow

If you're new to pole dancing, or have never touched a pole before, start here! This beginner sequence will help you get acquainted with walking, turning, and spinning on this apparatus while exploring static rotation and proper body engagement. 0:42 - a note for beginners 2:08 - basic pole walk 4:12 - dip turn 6:37 - grip modification for tight shoulders 7:15 - connecting multiple dip turns 8:02 - one-arm dip turn progression 9:04 - backwards stag spin

Marianne Dabir